About the Department

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department has Hi-tech Lab facilities and the Research center is used by the students with innovative ideas. The department has always been on a high growth path and has experienced and dedicated faculty with a strong commitment to engineering education. The department has established Electronics lab, Communication Lab, PCB & Electronic workshop, Analog Integrated Circuit lab, Digital integrated Circuit lab, Power Electronics Lab, CAD Lab and Microwave and Optical Communication Lab, Microprocessor lab, DSP lab. All labs are well equipped with modern electronics testing, measuring instruments and software as per the course requirement.


Department has it own computer center having PCs of latest configuration in networking mode and separate Internet connection. R & D laboratory has been established by the department to develop research aptitude among students. The laboratory has industry standard PCB designing modules, imported soldering/desoldering station, high frequency spectrum analyzer and advanced testing & analysis equipments.

Electronics Lab-I and Lab-II

In the ECE Department, we have two Electronics lab. -Electronics Lab-I and II .Electronics Lab relates with Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory .In this lab students get knowledge about the semiconductor devices, their behaviors, their characteristics and applications.

Digital Electronics Lab

Digital Electronics is one of the most important Subject of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The lab is used for practical works related to Digital Circuits & Systems.

Electronic Workshop

In this workshop students get knowledge about all the technologies coming in to the market. The main motive of workshop lab is to keep students updated and familiar with technologies. Students make their projects in this lab. This lab has almost all the equipments related to electronics.

Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

In this lab Students get knowledge about Measuring instruments and Transducers. In this lab students Measure Pressure, Temperature, force, Displacement, Light and Load in terms of Electrical Voltage or Current using Transducers.

Communication Lab

In this lab student study in detail about various types of receivers and transmitters, modulators and de-modulators and spectrum analyzer.In communication lab student get knowledge about CDMA modulation and de modulation kit, direct sequence spread spectrum, and frequency hop spread spectrum bit error rate measurement, minimum shifting key.

Microprocessor Lab

This lab deals with programming of microprocessor over simulator kits. This lab has 8085 microprocessor kits which are to be programmed by students.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

In this lab students get knowledge about the signal processing, Digital Filter Design, Sampling, DFT, Convolution and FFT Algorithm using DSP processor kit.

CAD of Electronics Lab

In this lab students get knowledge about VHDL Language in which they synthesize and simulate the code on FPGA kit. They also learn to design circuit using PSPICE.