About the Department

The department offers a four-year course leading to the Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University. Various academic programmes as per AKTU .The department is making sincere efforts in providing quality education to the students so as to make them understand the principles of civil engineering from a wider perspective.

The department is fully equipped with Survey Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Structural Analysis Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Building Material and Testing Lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Transportation Engineering Lab, and CAD Lab.

Faculty comprises of qualified and experienced teachers from premier institutions. Faculty members are working with great zeal for teaching, research, and consulting activities. The faculty is making continuous effort by exploring new frontiers of knowledge imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students. Timely field visits to construction sites are value additions to facilitate the practical knowledge for Civil Engineering


The department has following full-fledged laboratories :

Survey Lab

Survey is an important subject for civil engineering. It gives knowledge of distance and direction of an existing feature either natural or man-made on ground surface with respect to other. The aim of surveying is to prepare a map showing the relative position of the feature or object on the surface of the earth. Without surveying we cannot start any project in the field such as roads, railway, building etc. It can be classified on the basis of purpose, place of survey and the instrument used.

Fluid Mechanic & Hydraulics Machines Lab

Fluid mechanics is an important course for Civil, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. It makes you understand the nature and flow of fluid (especially water) in close and open conduits. It lays foundation for advanced courses. The various processes in River Engineering, Canal design, Dam design, Water supply & Sanitary engineering presently named as Environmental Engineering, Hydraulics Machines, Water-Power, Transport phenomena cannot be understood and design cannot be carried out properly without adequate knowledge of Fluid Mechanics.

Building Material and Testing Lab

Building material and construction is very wide and important subject for Civil Engineering. The subject makes you to give a wide knowledge of civil engineering construction materials, their behavior, strength and their specific use. The subject gives the knowledge for procurement and production of construction materials such as stones, bricks, gypsum, pozzolona, timber, asphalt, bitumen and tar. The subject also gives chemical and mechanical properties of plastic, paints, varnishes, distemper, ferrous and aluminum metal; ingredients of glass and its use etc. It also gives the knowledge for construction principles, methods for layout of different types of structures at different sites of construction.

Structural Analysis Lab

Structure Analysis is a foundation course of Civil Engineering Design. It makes us understand the structural behavior of various structural elements under different loading condition i.e., when the load is applied on it and how much load a structure can withstand without failure. It is prerequisite of design. It also enables structural designer to understand the service ability and durability of various structural elements.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Geotechnical Engineering- The engineering which teaches you to be the doctor. Yes, this ambiguity presents in the sentence in caves the beauty behind the Subject. As This pleasant nature is a gift from Almighty, so here in Geo-technical engineering, we learn to be more nearer to nature, a more nearer to preserve the Nature .As per Karl Terzaghi - Father of Soil Mechanics “Soil mechanics arrived at the borderline between Science and Art”. Here we see the Beauty behind the Subject. It is an Art of Preserving the Soil. It’s a Doctoral Step to remedy the Soil .It is an Engineering to enhance the strength of Soil. The collaboration with Environment enriches its fruitfulness. Here in Indian Institute Of technology, Kanpur, we bring the broader vision of this stream for welfare of whole world. An innovation is always in our concern to make the World Better.

Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportationa Engg. Lab is very important for the civil engg. students. In these laboratories you can test the different types of addregates & bitumen as like hardness of the aggregates, toughness of the aggregates, impact values of the aggregates, penetration test, softening point, flash & fire point etc. CAD Lab

Computer softwares are used in all disciplines for various applications. Likewise in civil engineering field also various softwares are used for many applications like Surveying, Analysis, Designing and Drawing, Quantity calculations, and costing … etc. of civil engineering structures.

In CAD Lab two softwares are available namely Auto CAD Education Suite (which comprises of eleven softwares) used for various applications like Drafting, Modeling, Quantity estimation …etc and NISA Civil software for Analysis and Designing.

Environmental Engineering Lab

The benefits of the Environmental Engg. Lab is that one can find out the BOD by BOD apparatus, COD by COD apparatus, DO by DO apparatus, pH Value by pH value apparatus of pure water & waste water.